Monday, August 1, 2011

What can I eat?

When I was first diagnosed, I was 2 1/2 months pregnant. I was rushed to the hospital, stayed for 3 days and taught all about a diabetic diet along with how to inject my insulin.

While the nurses were fantastic, and very informative, I had real issue with what I was supposed to eat, and what to avoid. Of course I believed every word the nutritionist told me, but talk about getting depressed. Yes, there are many other worse diseases, so I was thankful that it was only diabetes. But she made it seem like I had very little options.

She'd ask things like "Do you like chocolate milk?" and I'd say "I freakin' love chocolate milk!" and she'd answer "Well you can't have it EVER AGAIN! Look how many CARBS are in it!" and shove a box in my face. Then she'd ask "What do you normally have for breakfast?" and since I was on a healthy heart kick, I answered with "Normally I'll have half a grapefruit, and a small cup of yogurt with Kashi cereal mixed in." and she'd say "You can't EVER have that again! There's so many CARBS in it!" Yes, I realize that the carbs may be a bit high, but the yogurt helped my digestive tract, the grapefruit would boost my metabolism, and the cereal gave me fibre and lots of vitamins and minerals which are good for you. I looked down and thought about that, and asked her "Well, what *should* I be eating for breakfast every morning?"

Y'know what her answer was?

"Eggs and bacon and a piece of toast and slices of cheese." Umm, excuse me? So I get to die of a heart attack in a few years?

So yes, I left that hospital completely depressed.

After a few months (and a miscarriage) I started to really research the ultimate diabetics diet. And y'know what I found out?

We can eat anything we flippin' want to. It just all has to be done in moderation.

There's always foods you should avoid of course, and make substitutions where possible. But those substitutions are usually just as good or even better, yet they don't cause as much damage to your numbers.

As this blog progresses, I'll share everything I've found to substitute, how I'm able to eat almost anything out there, and ways to mix different foods to create the ultimate blood sugar stabilizer.

Just remember, you have options. A diabetic diet is in fact, the way everyone should be eating to stay healthy.

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  1. Hi how r u after a year or so learning a new life pattern for your eating? I'm just visiting my followers. Blessings